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It is unarguable that top Hip-hop artiste, Eedris Abdulkareem has made name in Nigerian entertainment industry, but few years back his success story dwindled after the release of his last album which almost flopped.

Since then, the singer who hails from Osun state but raised in Kano has been struggling in different ways to bounce back.

His attempt to revitalize his career took him back to the famous record label, Kennis Music who actually launched his career from his Remedies days.

However, the last may not have been heard about the controversial musician has he recently takes a swipe at Davido.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the highly revered musician says he watched the latest music video of the ‘Skelewu’ crooner and he is unhappy with what he saw.

The video entitled ‘ Fans Mi ‘ , in which he featured an American Rapper and member of the Maybach Group, Meek Mill, showed Davido with a briefcase filled with dollars and another bag filled with parcels of a substance ‘ Hard Drugs’.

The ‘Jaga jaga crooner described the music video as corruptible and of no good to Nigerian Youths and most especially kids.

He concluded by warning Davido to stay off drugs before he become a goat using Majek Fashek as a reference.

Could this be another cold war brewing?edris

“Nigerian Musicians Are Singing Meaningless Songs, They’are Sick & Need Mental Evaluation” – Etcetera

Nigerian Musicians Are Singing Meaningless Songs, They’are Sick & Need Mental Evaluation” – Etcetera.“Shoki hey hey Shoki!” cries a voice from the radio to the beat of a nerve-wracking pandemonium that seems designed to drive you insane.

A quick flick of the dial and “Shakiti bobo” is playing. The worse thing is that the raucous noise emitted by the artiste is no match for the loud, odious din coming from the beat. The lyrics are completely lost – which may not be regrettable to some – but the whole tumult sounds more like bad static than music.

I tuned the dial again. This time it was Olamide screaming “VANESSA VANESSA.”

As the last strains of the song died away, the OAP cheerfully and enthusiastically breaks in, “Yes, that’s for all you listeners out there. That’s the way we do it right here at your cool station. We personalise our playlist to make you feel cool.”

Cool kor, cooler ni…. I felt like telling the OAP that his choice of songs made me feel SICK.
This is simply today’s Nigerian music! Something is terribly WRONG with it! Yet millions around the country – especially the young people – listen to it by the hour. WHY?
What is there about this music that is so gripping? How can something so meaningless hold millions under its spell? Why does it serve as a common denominator – as “the tie that binds” – for so many youths?
Judging from how and what they’re saying and singing, it is easy to conclude that some of these artistes should be taken for mental evaluation! Music mirrors our emotions; it reflects our thoughts; it echoes our activities – it shows us the way we really ARE!

Most Nigerian artistes are confused and bewildered – or they wouldn’t sing songs about not being able to tell right from wrong, or songs which purposely don’t say or mean anything, or which try only to “embody an emotional state that points indirectly to marijuana and crazy sex positions.”
Music – just like other forms of art – is like a social barometer. A strong and healthy society produces dynamic and stimulating music; a diseased and decaying society produces sick and decadent music.

It’s a simple matter of cause and effect!
This is now a SICK SOCIETY and, therefore, it produces SICK MUSIC. It’s just that simple! Both parents and the young people are to blame. My point is, we all don’t have to be a part of this sick society – or its sick music.

Even talking about today’s gospel songs, many are lacking in purpose and quality. The gospel singers are forgetting that God believes in QUALITY. Look at the universe He created! He also believes in human improvement and GROWTH. “Become ye therefore perfect” (Matt. 5:48) and “Grow in grace and knowledge” (II Pet. 3:18), He commands.

God wants His people to grow in the right kind of culture – the right kind of appreciation for the finer things in life. He says that mature Christians are “those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to DISCERN both good and evil” (Heb. 5:14).

God wants us to EXERCISE our five physical senses. He wants us to learn what the true values for the enjoyment of the senses are. One of these senses is hearing. And one of the ways we need to exercise our hearing sense is in the appreciation of quality music. Quality in music involves, first of all, the way it is composed or arranged. Secondly, it involves how the music is performed. And thirdly, the setting (the place and occasion) in which the music is heard.

You attend a concert only to see artistes with a hodgepodge of idiotic noise played from a CD and the audience seated at round tables like they are in a canteen, screaming with mouthful of small chops and ‘samosas’ as every new song is introduced by the performer. What utter nonsense! What is WRONG with us? How did we completely lose our sense of value regarding music? Do we even know the purpose of music?

A mother justifies her daughter who’s listening to an obscene song by saying, “If you listen to the words of that one, it’s pretty rough. But it has a real good beat. My daughter says she doesn’t pay any attention to the words anyway.” Are we really that naïve?

What erroneous reasoning! Go along with the crowd – even if the crowd is on the way to suffering, misery, pain, extinction? Do we think that these songs have no part in the tidal wave of promiscuity, venereal disease, illegitimate babies that are all over the country today? If you are one of those who like today’s Naija music, you ought to honestly and truthfully ask yourself WHY.

Majek Fashek Gets New Teeth

Majek-Fashek-300x290After many pain filled months, legendary singer, Majek Fashek, has finally visited the dentist to have his teeth fixed.

Pictures of the singer having his teeth fixed surfaced online, courtesy of his friend, Black Rise, who thanked God for the donations well meaning Nigerians have been making for the welfare of the singer.

“Thanking you all for your contributions and donations. You can see your goodwill is showing and working,” the friend wrote.

Some of his friends had recently started a fund raising campaign page to raise money for the singer’s rehabilitation.

It would be recalled that story surfaced that the musician was having a mental breakdown which he said was spiritual attack.

But the change of teeth kick starts as a new dawn for the rain maker.

Timaya – “I Didn’t r*pe Her, The s*x Was Consensual”

Famous Nigerian singer, Timaya has allegedly come out to defend himself saying he neither defiled the mysterious lady nor forced her to have s*x with her.

TimayaIn a chat with popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, Timaya revealed that it was a consensual s*x and the lady was a blackmailer who wanted to con him off $50K.

He said: – ‘So I have reached out to Timaya to hear his side of the story and he denies r*pe. Speaking exclusively with LIB, Timaya said it was consensual s*x and the girl is now blackmailing him. Timaya admitted that he hooked up with the girl (pictured above) in his Atlanta hotel, but says she agreed to the s*x.

‘He said the girl, who he has been talking to for about a year, contacted him when she found out he was in the US for his tour and bugged him to see him. He told her where he was and she came to see him. He said from the minute she entered the room, she started filming him.

‘He said after they finished having s*x, the girl continued filming him and began asking him questions. He said she asked him if he enjoyed the s*x and he said yes, then she asked him if she could follow him to his show and he said no that he’s working…but that she could come later and he would tell his people to let her in. She then told him that they didn’t use a condom, what if she gets pregnant? Timaya said he told her that he didn’t want another baby, that he just got a baby.

‘Timaya said she continued asking him questions until he became very suspicious and dragged her phone from her. That was when he realized that the girl had been filming him the whole time.

He said he deleted the photos/video recordings and asked her what her intentions/plans were? He gave her back her phone and then realized that for Iphones, you have to delete twice before it will be completely wiped off. He then asked her for the phone and she refused to give it to him so he called hotel security.

‘The hotel security came to the room and asked the lady why she was filming Timaya and she said it was nothing serious, just for fun. Timaya asked the hotel security to remove the girl from his room but only after the lady has deleted the video recordings.

The hotel security advised Timaya to let the girl go, that if she calls the police and tells them he’s holding her hostage, it’s a crime in the US. That was how he let her go.

Timaya said at no point did she tell security that she had been defiled when he called security on her.
‘And after she left, she began calling to threaten him, saying she would mess him up and ruin his career for taking things far and calling security on her.

‘He said she called him again demanding for money to take herself to the hospital. He said he left money by the reception for her and she came to collect it. Then she called again to harass him.

When she continued harassing and threatening him, he began begging her because she’d already called someone in Nigeria that he was close to accusing him of r*pe. She told the dude that for her to keep quiet, Timaya has to pay her $50,000 or she will publish their recordings.

He said he was begging her to stop the blackmail and not because of any r*pe.

‘He said when the girl refused to stop, he changed his US number, blocked her on Whatsapp, and instagram so she could no longer reach him for bargain and that was when she created the account on instagram to carry out her threat,’ she ended.

Toke Makinwa’s hubby reportedly welcomes baby

Toke Makinwa’s husband was allegedly welcomed a baby with Anita Solomon,reports Nigerian Entertainment Today(NET) 

toke's husband According to reports, fitness expert, Maje Ayida has welcomed a baby boy with the alleged cause of their marriage problems girlfriend, Anita Solomon.


The baby is believed to have been delivered on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at an undisclosed London hospital.

Maje, who is married to Rhythm FM OAP, Toke Makinwa‎, is said to be hiding the birth of the baby due to the recent attention his actions have caused after news of Anita’s pregnancy went viral.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead: Stars React to Death of Whitney Houston’s Daughter

Far too soon. Bobbi Kristina Brown died on Sunday, July 26, at the age of 22.

image12The daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston spent months hospitalized in Georgia after she was found unresponsive in her home on Jan. 31. After various methods of treatment, Bobbi was moved into hospice care last month and passed away with her family by her side this weekend.

“She is finally at peace in the arms of God,” the Houston family told Us Weekly in a statement. “We want to again thank everyone for their tremendous amount of love and support during these last few months.”

Bobbi, who died more than three years after her mother’s untimely death in February 2012 at the age of 48, was remembered by stars and loved ones alike after the news of her death broke on Sunday evening. Those close to her took solace in the hopes that she would now be reunited with Whitney, while others simply sent their love.

Basketmouth accuses Jonathan’s govt of stealing

BasketmouthPopular stand-up comedian, Basketmouth (real name Bright Okpocha), is in the news again. This time, it is because he has taken a swipe at the government of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Midway into his show, tagged BM Uncensored, which held in Houston, Texas in the United States, a few days ago, the comedian accused the Jonathan administration of doing nothing else other than “stealing” money during its six-year tenure.

A copy of the video posted on Youtube shows Basketmouth, who was dressed in a sleeveless top and dark trousers, speaking his mind about the high level of corruption that prevailed in the country under Jonathan’s watch.

In the video, the comedian said, “The funny thing is that Buhari is now in power and everyone is hating the guy under two months. I am normally into politics, but when I see some s..t I say it. Goodluck was there for six years and all they did was steal money.”

The statement has since gone viral on social media, with many users openly chiding Basketmouth for opening his mouth ‘a little too loud’ and others rising in his defence.

On the same day, the comedian also threw playful barbs at Davido, who emerged winner of the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards in the Best Male Act category in South Africa last weekend.

Basketmouth had said,“Davido won above Wizkid? It’s quite strange, but it’s allowed… it’s allowed.”

Ever since the video appeared online, the comedian’s actions have been the subject of a debate among critics who are worried that he is becoming quite vocal about issues not related with comedy.